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David Felker


Can eyestrain cause temple pain?

Can eyestrain cause terrible pain? If that happens, what should I do?
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  • Charley


    Eyestrain will present itself as blurry vision, dry eyes, headache, and also terrible around the eyes. Eyestrain is usually a kind of exhaustion syndrome caused by many reasons. If you get eyestrain, you should first of all let your eyes get adequate sleep and rest instead of using them too much. Secondly, you should not let the light shoot directly into your eyes, and you should use soft-light lamp with light and shade contrast which is not dazzling. And if you have to use your eyes for about six to eight hours, you should take a rest of half an hour at least every two hours. And remember to adjust the screen brightness and the font to the level which will make your eyes not that tired. Besides, you can apply wet and warm tea bags on your closed eyes to reduce the fatigue. Do some eye exercises can also make your eyes relaxed.
  • neva taylor


    The eyestrain will cause terrible pain but if you care it carefully to treat it well. Your eyes will recover and not feel pain again. The eyestrain may caused by eyes fatigue and over use of eyes, it will lead to myopia and eye disease such as glaucoma and dry eyes, and then lead to eyes pain or twitch. But after the relaxation and sound sleep to improve the eyes blood circulation, or use eye drops to nourish your eyes, it will get well soon, please do not be so nervous.