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Mya harris


Will my eyes get stuck if cross them ?

I just wonder if it possible to get stuck if cross them? Do you have such experience?
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  • catherinecraven


    Yes, it is possible for your eyes to get stuck if you cross them. I have such experience before. You should not cross your eyes on purpose. Once your eyes get stuck, you need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. It will be helpful and effective which you could have a try.
  • Jackson raphael


    Well, I need to say, it is really a myth. Our eyes‘ movements and the shape of the lens are controlled by some specialized muscles. I mean, your tiny muscles , which automatically control the lens, change its shape when one thing is close to you, bringing the object into the proper focus. We also all this process as accommodation. Further, those muscles keep the eyes moving in a synchronized way contracting and relaxing normally. Tiny muscles are resilient, although they will fatigue when you try to cross your eyes. The reason why people insist on the myth about eye crossing may be they do not want their children to do such annoying behavior.