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Can a human get pink eye from a dog ?

If my dog got pink eyes. Is it possible to spread it to me? How?
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  • walki


    Well, it is hard to say. And we can say that all of this depends on the cause. According to some research, if both the dog and human are allergic to particular pollen or mold, and also, they are both exposed, it is possible for human get pink eye from a dog. Also, as we know that if the dog has bacterial pink eye, the bacteria will be transferred to a human in some ways, such as touching dogs, or through air. At that time, it will cause pink eye in that person as well. On the other hand, if the cause is viral, traumatic, foreign body or cancer, humans would not be at risk for infection from the dog. So that is the difference.
  • en_liten_glimt


    It is not possible for you to get pink eyes from dog. The pink eyes are just contagious among human. If you share the cloth with people with pink eyes, you may get pink eyes easily. You should take notice of it, especially in summer which is the high season to get pink eyes. You should keep hygiene to protect your eyes. If you get pink eyes, you could also use some eye drops to release the symptom.
  • carpediem__


    Yes, it is very likely that you would get infected by the pink eyes from your dog. This is because that the pink eyes is a kind of communicable disease caused by the chlamydia infection. Pink eyes, or conjunctivitis, mainly spread in the way of contact infection. Because people or animals with conjunctivitis will get some secretion coming out in their eyes, and there are plenty of bacteria and viruses in their eye secretion that are powerfully contagious for other people. If other people get in close touch with the animals or anything that the infected animals have touched, they will easily get infected by the bacteria or viruses in the eye secretion of the animals. Besides, there are also many allergens on the body of animals which can be allergic for people, and getting close touch with the animals can cause allergic conjunctivitis, too. Therefore, to keep the animals in a good hygienic condition is very important. Since your dog has got pink eyes, you should avoid getting close touch with it and you should sterilize anything the dog has touched in casing of infection.

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