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Robert ja


why do my eyes hurt when i have a sinus infection ?

Can sinus infection make eyes feel hurt? If so, how can sinus infection affect on eyes?
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  • Vanessa edward


    It is rare that sinus infections can spread to the eye and result in eye pain. However, eye pain caused by sinus infection is often a result of the pressure associated with sinus inflammation. Because the sinuses surround the ocular region, when sinus infection occurs, the sinuses swell and mucus cannot properly drain so that mucus increases in the narrow passage, which leads to pressure in the sinuses, hence pushing against ocular nerves, resulting in eye pain.
  • Daniel christian


    If the sinus infection is very very serious, then it is possible to make the eyes get infected. This is because the eye sockets are very close to the maxiaary sinus where the sinus infection mainly show impact, making it quite easy for the inflammation to extend to the eyes and lead to some complications in the eyes, such as blurry vision, eye pain, posterior uveitis, and so on. If the patients with sinus infection get discomfort in the eyes, they should go to the doctor's for an eye examination to find out whether the eye problem is caused by sinus infection or not, so as to make correspondent treatment. Besides, to avoid eye infection, patients with sinus infection should pay attention to nasal hygiene, take moderate physical exercise, do not drink any alcohol, do not eat spicy foods, and keep war.

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