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Do eyeglasses reflect or refract light?

Why do my eyeglasses reflect or refract light? Does that mean my eyeglasses are not very good?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Yes. Glasses lenses refract light. But it doesn' t mean that your eyeglasses not very good. In fact, whether the glasses reflect light or not depend on the material of the lenses and lenses coating. Usually, eyeglasses can reflect light are made with mirror coating eyeglasses lenses. Also, the refraction process also occurs when light passes across the boundary of two elements.
  • Victor


    They refract. If they reflected, they would be mirrors.
  • Andrew bell


    In fact, most of eyeglasses reflect about 8% of light. And high index plastic lenses reflect more than 50% light. Sometimes, reflection is troublesome, such as driving car at night. So, if you find reflection is inconvenient, you can try anti-reflective coating. AR coating can prevent reflection and allow 99.5% of light to go through the lenses. So that you can see things more clearly.
  • handsome_fuck


    When the emission of light is into our eyes, our eyes will receive the signal and we can see it. Then our brain will deal with the signal. Because we have two eyes, two eyes received signals of different brain analysis and representational objects to different objects. They are all different representational in the consciousness. The gap will see the so-called line into our own space. Eye of the crystal ball is the most intelligent refractor, identification, analysis and processing thing for the whole body. Actually the reflect or refract light through the eyeglasses is from the eyes. However it is not excluded the lights that is reflected or refracted through the lenses. It means the eyeglasses are good which may help us filter some lights. Usually the sunglasses are filled with the coating part which could prevent some lights from coming in. Thus you don’t have to worry about such condition.
  • handsome_fuck


    The glass lenses of the eyeglasses reflecting or refracting light is a quite normal phenomenon for frameless or half-frame eye glasses. In the process of making a pair of glasses without frame or with half frame, the glass lenses are completely and automatically ground by the a professional machine, and then the lenses are polished by the machine making the surface of the lenses become very smooth. However, this step of polishing will at the same time cause the glass lenses to reflect or refract the lightbecause the polished lenses have chamfered edges which is highly reflective and refractable. To avoid the reflection and refraction of glass lenses, the lenses should be made frosted and scrubbed. As to eyeglasses with full frame, they would not possibly reflect or refract light unless there indeed is some quality problem of the glass lenses. In this case, you should go to the eyeglasses shop to have your glasses examined to see whether it is due to poor quality of the lenses.

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