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Can low blood pressure cause double vision?

I was told that low blood pressure could definitely cause double vision, really? Is it dangerous?
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  • Luis lewis


    Yes, low blood pressure could also cause your double vision because of the affection on the eyes nerves. You need to keep the health of the whole body and keep the normal state of the blood pressure. If you get the double vision, you need to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. At the same time, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture.
  • Kelly eddy


    Well, there are various reasons can cause double vision, such as brain injury, orbital fracture, cataracts or eye muscle disorder. Besides, in order to push blood through our circulatory system, the heart needs to exert a specific amount of pressure in our body. While, hypotension, so-called low blood pressure, will occur when the pressure slumps to levels below normal levels. As a result, side effects resulting from low blood pressure in our body may affect the functions of our eye muscle. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that low blood pressure is likely to cause double vision. I mean, it usually leads to a blurred vision, what is worse than that, you may develop condition like shock. Avoid worsen the condition into some irreparable damages, you need to see a doctor, especially the low blood pressure is attributed to the certain medications, emotional stressors, Parkinson's disease or dehydration.

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