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Sara nelson


Would prescription computer glasses work to help me reduce eye strains and headache?

ok, so im -.75 in right and -1.00 in left eye and i am nearsighted. I dont wear any correction for it though. however whenever i do computer work or reading it makes me tired and i get a very mild headache. Do you think computer glasses would stop making me tired?
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  • 04/14/2012

    A pair of prescription computer glasses may help you relieve the headache . As you don't wear any correction glasses , it will be a little hard for you to see clearly on the screen ,then you have to lean forward to see it clearly . Uncorrect sitting position can cause the headache . So you can get a pair of computer glasses to see if they work well for you .
  • Caitlin lee


    You are suggested to prepare a pair of prescription computer glasses. And you'd better take a break after an hour of seeing computer to release your eye strains and headache. With computer glasses, they can protect the eyes from the reflective light and glares from computer screen. And prescription computer glasses can help you see computer clearly without strains your eyes, thus to release the tired of your eyes. Therefore to reduce headache caused by long time using computer glasses. So, computer glasses are necessary.