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Adam tuener


Do yellow tinted sunglasses work just as well as Gunnar (computer) glasses?

I'm not up for paying $60+ for brand name computer glasses if I can just buy yellow tinted sunglasses. What's the difference? I work online 8-10 hours daily.
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  • 04/13/2012

    They will definitely not work as the computer glasses do . The radiation from computers is X rays while from sunshine is UV rays . They are quite different . Besides ,if you wear prescrption glasses , sunglasses can't provide the accurate vision correction for the distances typical in computer work as computer glasses do . if you can't afford more than &60, there are many computer glasses online less than $50 but in good quality . I know Firmoo does very well in computer glasses
  • edward


    Yellow tinted sunglasses are excellent on moderate-to-low level light conditions. They offer excellent depth perception and enhance contrasts in tricky flat-light conditions. This is also the reason why people choose yellow lenses for hunting. So, yellow tinted sunglasses also works as well in computer glasses to protect your eyes from the disorder light from computer screen.