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How to take care of basketball goggles?

I bought a pair of basketball goggles. How can i take care of it to make it last longer?
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  • elbcoastboy


    There are some tips you should know: Put the lens-side up when you take off your goggles; Put them into the case to avoid scratch or being broken when you do not use them; Clean the lenses regularly with glass cleaner and dry them with soft cloth; Never use Kleenex or other paper products to clean your goggles which may well do harm to you goggles; Please avoid throwing your goggles onto the floor of your car or into your boot bag. In general, try to protect them from any damage and do regular cleanings.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Well in order to make it last as long as possible. To take good care of goggles, you should flowing tips: 1. Don't touch the lenses with your hands. Because there is dust or something dirty on your hands or fingers. 2. Don't wipe the lenses with glasses cloth or paper only, as they may scratch the lenses. If they are dirty, you should wash them with clear water. 3. Please take them off with both hands in order not to transform the frame. 4. Please wrap the goggles when you don't wear them. 5. If it has been transformed, you should take it to the profession shop to fix.