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Angela green


Are all sunglasses made in the same place?

I just wonder if all sunglasses were made in the same place? Or they are made in different places over the world?
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  • Ronda


    Well, I believe that you know little about the production of sunglasses. So, as a matter of fact, there are different brands that produce and sell sunglasses in different countries, because there are various companies in different countries, thus, of course their production places are various. Just take Armani as an example, it is an Italian brand which has some production factories and enfranchisers in different places.
  • Jose joyce


    The sunglasses are divided into several brands which belong to different companies. They will of course be made in different place of processing factories. That is to say, they are made in different places of the world. Some of them are made in America, India and so on. And others may be made in China, Japan and so on. Different company will make different kind of sunglasses.
  • Joseph campbell


    Of course not, all sunglasses were made in different places over the world. There are a variety of sunglasses, with different brands. Also, every brand of sunglasses has different colors and sizes. Sunglasses are invented primarily to prevent the bright light. You can browse some sunglasses website where you can find all kinds of sunglasses.

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