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Makayla raphael


How to treat blocked tear ducts in adults?

Can you tell me some good ways to treat blocked tear ducts for adults? Any suggestions?
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  • maria calderin


    Well, so sorry to hear that your tear ducts are blocked, anyway, it is one of the most complicated problems we might suffer during our lifetime. So, as a matter of fact, once got it, you should get your tear ducts washed in the hospital and if there are infections as well, you should try to get some antibiotic eye drops. But if the situation remains bad, you should take an eye surgery to resolve the problem.
  • Hunter rose


    Hello, blocked tear ducts usually happen in newborn babies, while aducts can also get them due to aging, eye infections and facial injuries etc. First, you can try massaging the affected eye for several months, a few times a day. Second, you can go to see your doctor and the doctor will irrigate and dilate the affected tear duct, which can be helpful. Also, you can use some antibiotic medication during your treatment.

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