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Cathy Dailey


If i have pink eye, should i throw away my contacts?

I heard that people with pink eyes can not wear contacts. So do I need to throw away my contacts if I have pink eye?
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  • walkthru


    Yes. If you are suffering from pink eyes, you shall not wear contact lenses. And also, even if your pink eyes cured, you shall throw away the contact lenses that you worn in per-period of pink eyes. Usually pink eyes are caused by bacterial infection. And contact lenses can easy get bacterial. So, if you don't want your pink eyes more serious and don't want to get pink eyes again, throw away your contact lenses. Till you totally cure your pink eyes, you can buy other new contact lenses.
  • Blanca C.


    Yea, do not wear contact while you have pink eye, remove them immediately when you are detected with symptoms of pink eye. Not until at least 24 hours after you receive a treatment such as antibiotic eye drops and the symptoms have cleared could you use contacts again. Notice that you should not use contacts that are disposable again after infection. And contacts that are non-disposable should be disinfected at least 24 hours. In addition, wash your hands thoroughly before you wear contacts again in case of recontamination. Also bear in mind that do not wear contacts over 8 hours per day, otherwise, it can make eyes discomfort due to lack of oxygen. Wish you better soon.
  • kathy


    Wearing contact lenses when you have pink eye is a very bad idea. Like the cosmetics applied to eyes, the contact lenses should be thrown away as soon as you have the sign of pink eye. The pink eye is a highly contagious disease, so you should be very cautious about it. If you do not throw your contact lenses away and use them again after you have recovered from pink eye, the bacteria and viruses will infect your eyes and give you pink eye once more. Besides, the contact lenses will worsen your pink eye if you continue to wear them. After you have pink eye, you should isolate yourself to avoid spread the disease. You should not share your articles of everyday use with others or use the articles of other people. Keeping everything clean is also very essential.