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Is vaseline safe around the eyes?

Is it ok to get some vaseline around the eyes? Or it will cause damages to the eyes?
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  • Joshua arnold


    Yes, it is ok to get some vaseline around the eyes because of the moisture role. But you should not put it in the eyes by mistake which will make your eyes get not comfortable. Or else, your eyes will feel sticky and not comfortable. In order to make your eyes get moisture, you could also adopt some oil essentials to adopt on the eyes surface. It will be so effective and workable which you could have a try.
  • cajunbel29


    Yes, it is completely OK with your eyes. As a mater of fact, vaseline or petroleum jelly can't be absorbed by skin, so it can't cause any damage to your eyes. In addition, vaseline can prevent moisture from vaporizing from skin and provide a layer which shields bacteria out.Lastly, vaseline lengthen eyelashes and make them grow thicker and longer.
  • Mya harris


    Well, it will not cause damage to your eyes. However, as you know vaseline is very moisten, and this may cause your eyes go a fat granule, especially if your are oily skin. In my opinion, to our youth, we often confront black eye bags, so we can just use gel. To us, the gel will not too rich and also can moisturize our eyes. And you will not afraid of go a fat granule. What's more, if your eyes feel dry, you can try mask for eye. And appropriate rest is also necessary to our eyes.