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Shelby rodney


Can I play basketball after lasik eye surgery?

i had lasik eye surgery one week ago and I can feel my vision is much better now. Can i play basketball now?
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  • Mii


    It is not suggested to play sports especially the reckless sport in the first month after lasik eye surgery. You may get hit or injury on your eyes which may make the recovery process longer. If you have to, it is better to wear protective glasses.
  • Carlos quick


    After lasik surgery, your eyes will need time to adjust. So you should't do catact sports, such as football, basketball and other activities because you might get injured and cause damage to your eyes. The doctor will advise you to play sports at least a month after LASIK surgery. I think you can play basketball since you have the surgery a week ago, but you'd better consult your doctor to make sure whether you can do it or not.