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Can I watch TV if I just had lasik surgery ?

I just had lasik surgery 3 days ago. I am wondering if I can watch TV after lasik surgery. Would watching TV after lasik surgery make my eyesight worse again?
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  • Cathy Dailey


    No. You'd better not. Otherwise it will make your eyesight even worse. In the first two months after lasik surgery, your cornea are unstable, so you'd better not watch TV during this period of time.
  • Kelly gary


    It doesn't matter if you watch TV for proper time but you should pay much attention to your eye health. But if you need to watch TV for a long time, you should wait at least one month.
  • Melissa garcia


    It should depend on your recovery condition. If you have a good recovery, you can watch TV the next day after surgery but only for limited time. If your eyes condition are not quite good, it is better not to watch TV or play computer in the first month. After I had lasik surgery, I didn't watch TV for almost one month.
  • Shelby harris


    No. After taking lasik eye surgery, you are not suggested to see TV and computer screen. Besides, to help you recover from the surgery, you are suggested to wear goggles or eye shields. In addition, you shall get plenty of rest, and avoid straining or body contact sports, also no eye make-up etc. What's more, not rubbing your eyes is the extremely important thing in first 7 days after the surgery.