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Barbara Mellon


Should i go to the doctor for a swollen eye ?

I got swollen eye. Please tell me some good way to reduce it. Or it is necessary to see a doctor?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    First of all, check if you have other discomfort apart from swollen eyes. Do you feel eye itchiness, eye pain, eye redness or eye strain? If so, you need to see a doctor to check what's wrong with your eyes. If not, you may just apply some antibiotic eye paste to your eyelids, because you are likely to be allergic to something.
  • Marissa edward


    If your swollen eyes are not that serious, you could just use some home remedies to cure it. You could use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to reduce it and make the eyes get recovery. If you think they are serious, you should better go to see the doctor and accept the medical treatment.
  • Hae


    As a matter of fact, there are numerous factors can lead to swollen eye. In general, infection, inflammation and allergies are the most common reasons. Besides, if you wear contact lense inappropriately, it can also lead to swollen eye. In general, swollen eyes can eased by home remedy.Here are some good ways for you to take: 1:You can drop some eye drops to ease your condition,and it can reduce the inflammation. 2: Take a cool compress on your eyes, and it can reduce swelling. 3: Avoid using contact lense and making up especially eyeshadow. 4: Don't rubbing your eyes,because it can worsen your condition. 5: Have a good rest, and keep a balanced diet. If your condition have not been improved , you had better see a doctor.

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