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Does ginger help chalazions ?

I suffered from chalazion and i heard that ginger can help reduce it. Is there anyone who experience it? Does ginger really work to reduce chalazion ?
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  • eden540


    Yes, ginger is really workable to reduce chalazion. Chalazion is the meibomian gland idiopathic chronic granulomatous inflammation. The aseptic package it by fibrous tissue sac contain meibomian gland secretions and infiltrating of chronic inflammatory cells. It is often for meibomian gland and its surrounding tissue inflammation after obstruction which is caused by chronic granulomatous gonads of the gland body. It can increase chalazion onset eyelid edema, swelling and irritation. The ginger has the function to release the symptom of eyes, getting rid of the bacterium in your eyelids. You could also have the good rest for the eyes.
  • walkingaround


    According to the experience of some people, ginger can help to get rid of chalazions. Actually, ginger is an effective and economical remedy for chalazion. After you have bought some gingers, you should stay in front of a mirror. And then use a knife to slice the ginger. By doing this, you can get some ginger juice left on the knife. Dip some juice with your fingers (your fingers should be clean to avoid infection), and put the juice on the lump on the lid of the affected eye. In the whole process, you should avoid the ginger juice to slip in your eyes, for it will irritate your eyes. If this remedy cannot cure your chalazion after some time, you should turn to your doctor for treatment.
  • abbyabbie


    No, I guess it's just a rumor. But if you have chalazion, you need to apply antiboitic eye paste and eye drops which contains steroid to the eyelid every day. Apart from that, you can hot compress your eyelids regularly. While if the bumps has a diameter larger than 4mm, you may as well turn to surgery to remove it. If you wait until it breaks itself, scars will be left there.

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