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Kelly gary


How much are extended wear contact lenses?

I want to buy contacts that i can still wear while sleeping and my friend told me to try extended wear contact lenses. How much do extended wear contact lenses often cost? Are they expensive? Where can i get them?
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  • Larry S


    The prices of extended wear contact lenses may different in different places. As far as i could know, a 12-month supply of extended wear silicone hydrogel contacts typically will cost $250 to $300. In fact, there lenses didn't need too much money, They usually only charged $50 to $70 for a box of six lenses. But during i 12-month period, you will need at least four or five boxes. So, you should budget the money for one year.
  • Elijah walker


    Yes, extended wear contact lenses can allow you to sleep with it in your eyes. There are many extended wear contacts available at online stores or local stores. The price of it is various according to different brand, stores, etc. Speaking of which, you can have a try at walmart or lenscrafters. i think contacts there are much cheaper.
  • Mariah shelley


    Yes, it is true that some extended contacts will give you what you want, prolonged use each time. Sounds really convenient right? Typically, a pair of extended contacts will be as much as over one hundred dollars, for they are not easily made, you should know. To get them, you may try to visit large optical stores in your neighborhood, you might as well visit some business websites, such as Ebay or Amazon, Best Buy.
  • Mort


    Well, as we know that Extended Wear Contact Lenses are a type of contact lens which can be used to deliver the convenience, so that you can see without eyeglasses all of the time. So in other words,by wearing them,you do not need to get out of bed each morning to insert contact lenses. So if you want them, you can just link to They can provide you many types. In average, it can cost you about 15 dollars to 25 dollars. By the way, extended Wear Contact Lenses soft lenses are made from highly oxygen permeable hydrophilic polymeric materials. In general they are designed to allow for 7 to 30 days of continuous wear without removal, cleaning or disinfection. So it can be very convenient.
  • Christina


    The extended contact lenses usually cost much more money than those common contact lenses because they can be worn for at most 30 days which save your energy to change before the sleep. The average price of extended contact lenses online is about $50. You could go to the to have a look. There are many types with suitable price.