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How soon can i use the computer after cataract surgery?

How long should I wait before using computer after cataract surgery?
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  • Alexia


    It seems that your eyes just received cataract surgery, maybe there was something wrong real bad with your eyes. And with regard to whether you should use computer, I recommend that you stay away from it no matter how hard it might be. Since your eyes are still recovering and are vulnerable to radioactive beams. Typically, it will take more than half a year before you are good to go, based on doctor's counseling.
  • eddy


    Technically, you can do some computer work, watching TV, showering or bathing within a few hours of your surgery. But, your are actually not recommend to use computers in a short time after cataract surgery. You need give your eyes some time to heal. Personally, you'd better not use computer at least till two weeks latter. Take care.
  • Jamal Anjum


    Can I start work on the computer thirty hours of my Cataract surgery?
  • Brittany


    Well, generally speaking, you should wait for 1 week before you can use computer. Anyway you should not watch computer in the first week. So you can watch them after one week. As we know that the first week is the most essential week which can affect the vision recovery of your eyes. so just be patient. And also, you should know that it is can be dangerous if you use your eyes which have been made surgery, it can hurt them, for your eyes are sensitive and fragile. And when you use computer, you have to focus your eyes on the point for a long time. Then it can lead to eye strains. In some serious cases, it can cause dry eyes, or pink eyes. Anyway, you are not supposed to do that. Besides, you should not do exercises like jumping, running which can lead to serious result. Just be careful about your eyes. Having a good rest is effective for your eyes.
  • exxxtazzzy


    At least one week. Begin from half hour's eyes use please, then it would be increased gradually. Prevent long time computer watching with your eyes. Long time eye use will cause vision problems such as myopia, glaucoma, cataract etc. with the normal eyes, you must take care of your eyes after surgery. In order to protect your eyes from the disease, please doing the follows, to relax your eyes at regular time. Make sure relax 10-15min after every 2 hours computer work or book reading. Looking far distance view, taking eye exercises or massage both ok. Moisten your eyes with eye blinking. If you work in a room with air conditioner, please prepare a cup of water near your desk to increase ambient humidity. Take care of the nutrient balance with Calcium, protein taking, avoide food prferenc and control the sweet food quantity. These nutrient elements will protect your eyes and less sweet food will help the vitamin B1 remain. Please wear sunglasses when you out within one month after surgery.
  • Hannah


    I just had cataract surgery from one of the best surgeons in Los Angeles. He said you can use the computer the day after surgery, IF you feel comfortable, no pain or strain. March 2021