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Where are oscar de la renta sunglasses made?

Have you ever bought oscar de la renta sunglasses ? Are they good? What country are oscar de la renta sunglasses made in?
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    Well, let me give you a brief introduction to the brand alright? Actually, oscar dela renta is founded by himself in New York in 1973, which mainly focused on producing quality and luxurious products of a wide range. Personally speaking, they are quite impressive but a little bit expensive to the general public. They are made in the US, to be honest. However, they are sold in different large shopping centers all over the world.
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    Well, first, you should know that they made in Italy, and they are also very famous brand in the world. They are available in black frames with dark smoke gradient lenses and dark brown frames with brown gradient lenses. Also, they are made of plastid and can provide 100% UV protection. So you do not need worry about the UV rays. To buy them, you can link to the yahoo, shopping, where you can just pay 70 dollars for them. Besides, they have Signature logo inset on temple tip, so you can just check them to spot the fake ones. Anyway, you can have a try.


    I have heared that Oscar de la renta is a person's name, he was born in 1932, in Dominican, and in 1973, he created the Oscar De la renta company which is major in fashion dress, and one of the best design company in USA. The sunglasses is also one of the fashion staff which included in the fashion industy. The oscar de la renta sunglasses is one of the high end brand of sunglasses. It's smart and casual style. It is a workmanship of the world. You know where the less cost of the labor, where the factory is located. However, the quality control and test process is the core competition power of such kind of world brand. Where does it made, it is less important. It worthy of the money just because of its long history and culture representation. If you purchse it in a proper channel, I believe it is worthy the money!

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