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jane phillips


Cornea inflammation cause a change in eye color

Can a corneal inflammation have an effect on the pigments in the iris resulting in a change in eye color (darker or lighter discolouration)?
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  • Catherine williams


    Yes, corneal inflammation will have an effect on the pigments in the iris which may lead to the change in eye color. As we know, the color of eyes is determined by genetic genes which will not change easily. It is determined by the iris too. Thus, when there is any change in your iris, your color of eyes will be changed too.
  • Ethan edward


    Keratitis, also known as corneal inflammation, the transparent membrane that covers the colored part of the eye and pupil of the eye. People who get corneal inflammation is easy to suffer pain, redness in eyes. Tearing and extreme sensitivity to light may also occur. Commonly corneal inflammation can be caused by infection, injury to eyes, vitamin A deficiency and so on. Eye color can be changed by smoke, aging and autoimmune diseases, but not corneal inflammation. Corneal inflammation can do harmful to iris indeed because it is easy to lead to blurry vision and photophobia.