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Catherine lewis


Why does my eye hurt when flying?

When i take plane, my eyes feel hurt. Why? What causes it? Is it serious disease?
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  • cook


    Well, eye hurting can be normal for many people who have flight. Generally speaking, as we know that when you have a flight, it will just make your body be high in the sky. And because of the gravity, it will just increase the eye blood pressure. And in that way, of course, eye strain can be possible. And then, that is why your eyes will feel hurt. But on the other hand, this kind of hurt can just disappear when you get accustomed to the atmosphere. So you do not need to worry about it. Maybe having some eye drops can just relieve the situation.
  • eddy


    It happens in some cases that some people would feel their eyes hurting when they are taking a plane. This is because that the barometric pressure inside the cabin of the plane is higher than that on the ground surface, thus making the insufficiency and low density of oxygen. Therefore, it is quite easy for people to feel their skin dry, their mouth parched and their tongue scorched. So are the eyes. The eyes need adequate amount of oxygen and water to keep themselves moist and maintain normal metabolism, and dehydration can lead to dry eyes, eye pain and so on. To reduce or avoid this kind of eye pain on the plane, you should firstly drink moderate amount of water. And if the eye still hurt, you can use some eye drops or artificial tears to moisten your eyes. And pay attention that you should not wear eye contacts when you are taking a plane, because eye contacts will aggravate the dry conditions in your eyes.