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Savannah taylor


Can sinus infection cause crusty eyes?

Can sinus infection be a factor of crusty eyes? Or what can cause crusty eyes ? How can i prevent it?
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  • classynottrashy


    Yes, the sinus infection will be a factor of crusty eyes. Sometimes the allergic symptoms could also cause the crusty eyes. You need to do something to prevent it. You should not let your eyes get allergic. That is to say, you need to wear sunglasses in the strong sun lights to prevent the allergic symptom. You could also not get the infection by keeping the good rest and good habit of using eyes.


    Of course, sinus infection is a factor of crusty eyes. Sinus congestion that can cause headaches, itchy throat and red, swollen itchy eyes. Sinus congestion is commonly due to bacteria infection and allergies. Home remedy is apply antihistamines which can help lessen the overproduction of tears and relieve redness in eyes. Go to see a doctor to comfirm your treatment option is the most safety way.