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Joseph bell


Can a skunk spray blind you?

I heard that a skunk spray can be very bad for eyes, but I don' t know how bad can it be, will it make people blind?
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  • walkingthesky


    Well, yes, skunk spray is very bad for our baby, especially our eyes. According to some experts, skunk spray can just lead to blindness. But on the other hand, you should know that skunk spray has no lasting effects. Any blindness caused is temporary and there are no recorded cases of anyone going permanently blind from skunk spray. And also, Skunk spray does not contain any poisons or other harmful chemicals that would cause permanent damage, even when exposed to the membranes of the eyes, nose or even mouth. So you do not need to worry about it too much.
  • enycelilmamii


    Yes, skunk spray will be very bad for eyes. If you let it get into the eyes by mistake, you need to wash it out as soon as possible. Or else, the killing function it owns may let you get blind. You should take high notice of it. You should protect the eyes carefully which are the very important parts for the whole body. You should not let the dirty things get into the eyes by mistake.
  • walkthewalk46


    If a skunk sprays on you, you may experience a temporal blindness. However, there is no record about permanent blindness caused by skunk spray. When you get the spray in your eyes, your eyes will be unbearably burning, but you will not become blind. If this happens to you, the first thing you should do is to rinse your eyes with clean water or a saline wash. You should avoid rubbing your eyes. After doing this, you will feel better. You can also flush the remaining of the spray out by applying eye drops in your eyes. If you still have uncomfortable feeling in your eyes in the following days, you should see a doctor.
  • Caleb Quinton