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Do people with crossed eyes see double?

This morning I overheard that people talking about crossed eyes. And I also heard that those people who have crossed eyes usually see double, is that true?
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  • crazyforluke


    Yes, people with crossed eyes see double. In the normal situation, you will focus your eyes at the same object, respectively, in the eyes of retinal imaging and visual center in the brain overlap. It is as a single complete 3 d object. In this function, it is called binocular single view. However people with crossed eyes will have one eye or two eyes pupil often tilt toward the middle. Esotropia mainly for eye in the middle of the pupil of natural or man-made gravitated toward the middle, looking like two chickens a pipe rack. It is so also known as crossed eyes, also called cross-eyed. They will see things not that clear. They could wear the special eyeglasses to help them get the right vision. However they could take the surgical treatment which is the surgery to adjust the position of the eye muscle strength and attachment points leading to the normal eye congenital esotropia. This surgery could up and down the regulatory and Angle of strabismus which is often also need through the method of surgery to correct.
  • Eric rupert


    This is true. Crosses eyes is also called Strabismus or squint eyes. The two eyes of strabismus patients can't form conform vision field and have double vision, as their eye muscles can't work consistently.They have to squint or focus on one eye to see normally. The alignment of normal people allows them to adjust and accommodate to see in one vision field.

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