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What to do when you puncture your eye ?

How to deal with people who puncture his eyes by accident? Is there anything that i can do to help him?
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  • Matthew harris


    You should first help him get out of the things in the eyes. Then you could find the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress for him. He will feel comfortable. The warm compress will release his symptom. You just put the warm cloth to cover on the surface of his eyes. It is very useful.
  • explosion_x3


    When you are confronted with the situation where people puncture his eyes by accident, you should calm him down to avoid being seized with panic. The first-aid measures you should take are to cover the eyes with sterilized gauze or clean handkerchief gently without pressure and to apply the icy bag or cold towel onto his face to help stop bleeding. And on the way to hospital, avoid bumping to prevent from aggravating the wound.
  • Kristy Prince


    When something punctures your eye, you should stay calm and do not be panic though the injury is very painful. You should leave the thing that punctures your eyes where it is. Do not try to pull it out or rub the affected eye. Wrapping a bandage to fix the poking object in place can be applied, but you should be careful when doing this and avoid pushing or moving the object. Get something to shield your eyes. Putting a paper cup over your injured eye is a helpful protection. The next thing you should do is rushing to the emergency room or urgent care center immediately. You can also call 911 for help. Since a surgery is quite necessary in this situation, you should lose no time to get treatment.