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Matthew baker


Can seasonal allergies cause eye pain?

Is it possible to cause eye pain from seasonal allergies? If so. Is there any good treatment can reduce eye pain?
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  • Johnny W.


    Yes, it is possible for you to get eye pain from seasonal allergies. Your eyes will easily be dry which will make you feel itchy. In order to reduce your eye pain, you could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to release it. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. It is so effective and workable for the eye pain. You could have a try.
  • Fari Tackaberry


    Eye pain can be caused by many factors, such as pink eye, black eyes, allergy eyes and blepharitis. Allergies always cause some infections included eye infection. So seasonal allergy does. Seasonal allergy is worse than normal allergy. Allergy is commonly due to bacteria and virus, cat, dust, even injury to eyes. Pain, redness, irritation and itchy may also occur at the same time. So if you really get eye pain because of seasonal allergies, drop some counter eye drops your doctor gave to you. Do not rub them though you fell unwell. After a while, use a warm cloth to wipe eyes.
  • Austin gerard


    Well, yes, seasonal allergies can just lead to eye pain in some degree. Generally speaking, seasonal allergies can be very annoying and dangerous, for it can just affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems. For example, when you suffer seasonal allergies, your eyes may have eye irritation. And then, red eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes can be possible. In some cases, eye pain can occur too. And at this moment, in my opinion, you should avoid your eyes being irritated further. And just have some cold compresses on your eyes too. Also, having a good rest is important too.

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