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John eddy


How do farsighted glasses work?

I am farsighted. And my mom plan to buy a pair of farsighted glasses for me. I wonder if farsighted glasses really work? How?
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  • Andrew


    As a student once majored in science,I think I can try to explain it to you. Farsight is a dioptric situation that the paralle light is reflected by dioptric system of eyes without any adjustment,and the focus falls behind the retina.So ,in order to see something closer,it should be adjusted to strengthen the dioptric power,and when the adjustment can not satisfy the demand,you will feel difficult to see things clearly. And the farsighted glasses is a kind of convex lens can correct the problem.You just need to wear it for a while of time and you can get a good sight. Hope that will help.
  • Stephanie


    Yes, presbyopia glasses(farsighted glasses) really work. When a person is suffering from presbyopia or farsightedness, it is difficult for him to focus on small objects and prints. When paralyzed beams enter their eyes, images are formed after their retina. A pair of farsighted eyeglasses is needed to correct his refraction and eyesight.
  • Michelle


    If you are farsighted, you may have the problems at seeing things near. Once you wear the farsighted glasses, it may adjust the images on your retinal and make you see near things clearly. You should have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. Or else, your eyes nerves will get tired. Your prescription will get higher. Protecting the eyes is very important.