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Does high blood pressure cause burning eyes?

I have high blood pressure. In recent days, my eyes feel burning now and then. Is this caused by the high blood pressure?
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  • Vidadimir


    Yes, it is possible for you to get burning eyes because of high blood circulation. The burning eyes are mainly caused by the dryness of the eyes which will be caused mainly by the high blood circulation. You should use some eye drops to release the symptom. You should also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • handygrl_90


    Burning eyes is a sensation of acute short pain in eyes, and it is of great possibility caused by a symptom of high blood pressure. Most people with high blood pressure have many symptoms, and if blood pressure reaches to a dangerously high level. You may suffer many symptoms include dull headaches or dizzy spells, and even burning eyes. What's more, high blood pressure can also cause blood spots in the eyes, subconjunctival hemorrhage, diabetes, facial flushing, dizziness and so on. Although these symptoms may be easily ignored, if you notice a sudden onset which will be a warning signs of a stroke. Therefore, you should be more careful. Meanwhile, you should know your blood pressure numbers and prevent high blood pressure from getting worse. To relieve and prevent high blood pressure, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce the intake of fats and sugar, and drink more water. If your burning eyes continues without any relief, and your high blood pressure cause other symptoms, you should go and consult the doctor immediately.
  • Jose joyce


    As far as i could know, high blood pressure won't cause burning eyes. Usually, most of people have no signs or symptoms when they get high blood pressure. Even if the high blood pressure readings reach very dangerously high levels, people won't get burning eyes. But there are some people may suffer dull headaches and dizzy when they suffer high blood pressure.

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