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Nathan harris


Can lazy eye cause double vision?

I have lazy eyes, and also, my eyes vision feel double vision sometimes. Is this normal? I mean, is this double vision caused by lazy eyes?
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  • Ari


    No,double vision has nothing to do with lazy eyes.Lazy eye is also called amblyopia.Actually,it is an adaption to prevent double vision usually.And some other people always treat droopy eyes as lazy eyes.However,double vision is usually caused by being too tired.And a pair of corrective glasses can help you a lot.Of course we can't exclude some other reasons that give rise to double vision,such as diabetes, high blood pressure and more rarely, strokes or tumors. Just don't panic.You know that the best way for you is to consult a doctor.By the way,double vision can be caused by some disorder of vision system,such as cornea, eye muscles, lens, nerves, or the brain. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible.There will be no small thing when in relation with eyes.
  • Melanie


    Lazy eyes is not a very serious problem, but double vision could be a signal of some health risks, because it is due to some disorders inside your head and your eyes, which are very important to your health. Therefore, it would be wise for you to visit a doctor to see if there is anything wrong with your eyes, so that potential problems could be detected. Hope you get nothing wrong.
  • characterposter


    It is normal for you to have double vision when you get the lazy eyes. Your using of eyes may be too much these days with little rest which causes the high possibility of getting the double vision. You need to have the good rest now and use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. You should also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and release the symptom of double vision.
  • Matthew baker


    Lazy eye, medically named amblyopia, often occurs when vision does not develop properly in one eye for children. There is no doubt that lazy eye needs proper treatment options, or it will follow you the whole life time. When you cannot see something clear, you may try to open your eyes or squint to get sharp vision. However, it is easy to get too much focus in one eye than the other one, i.e, one of your eyes has problem of eyesight and astigmatism, while the other one does not.

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