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Does high blood pressure cause puffy eyes?

Can high blood pressure be a factor of puffy eyes? Or what are the side effects on eyes from high blood pressure?
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  • Isabelle duncan


    It's possible. High blood pressure is really risk and common between 50s -70s. The high pressure in blood can cause many body disorders, such as dizzy, fatigue and blurry vision. Also, high blood pressure can lead to puffy eyes. This just because the high pressure in blood makes swellings under eyes. Puffy eyes that caused by high blood pressure is not easy to be cured. However, you still can massage some plant oils to prevent puffiness. You should go to see a doctor and take some notes to control the value of pressure in blood.
  • christensengirl


    I quite understand your anxiety over your problem. So, it is true that high BP could give rise to a lot of symptoms all over your body, for it is very complicated and hard to fight. On a general basis, high BP would lead to some decrease in your vision, making your eyes have blurry feeling, etc. So, you must take actions to curb the effects of high BP on your eyes. Hope you get things right!
  • b3st_deceptions


    Yes, the high blood pressure is the factor of puffy eyes. If you get the high blood pressure, you need to take great notice of your eyes. You need to protect your eyes from the good habit of using eyes, good diet and good rest. The main obvious eyes infected problem is the glaucoma which could be affected by the high pressure at the eyes. You need to prevent it.