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Why does my eye twitch when i exercise?

When i do some exercise, my eyes also twitches and i can't control it. Why?
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  • James taylor


    Ok, it seems that you have got some problems with your health. Because from what I know, twitching eyes could be seen as a way of telling your potential problems. And usually, your twitching eyes are derived from a lack of sleep, or fatigue, eye strain,etc. And it also might be generated by some other diseases, such as low BP, diabetes, or eye infections. Therefore, you'd better try to see a doctor and take actions
  • jill


    When you do some exercise, you may get the invisible bacterium in the eyes which could be the main reason for the twitches of the eyes which you could not control it. You could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get clear of the eyes. In addition, the home remedy like warm compress is also a good method that you could use.
  • Jaime


    Eye twitching is a series of rapid, uncontrolled contractions or spasms of one or both eyelids. Causes of eye twitching are fatigue, stress, anxiety, and excessive caffeine intake. The twitches often occur in irregular rhythms. It is normal that your eyes twitch when you do exercise. However, you need to see a doctor if your eyes twitch all the time.