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Why do my contacts keep moving in my eyes?

i tried to wear contact lenses. But i don't know why the contacts keep moving in my eyes. Shall i need sometime to adapt it? Please can you tell me how to fix the contact lenses in my eyes?
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  • b2jb


    This is due to wearing wrong size contact lenses.You need to change a brand or have your cornea diameter measured. According to the different production of different contact manufacturers, the sizes and dimensions may vary from brand to brand. You need to measure your own radiant of cornea so that you can find the best brand and type for you.
  • Warren


    Your kept moving contact lenses in the eyes may be small for your actual right size of the eyeballs. You should check whether it belongs to this problem. After putting the contact lenses in the eyes, you could blink the eyes for several times to fix the contact lenses. You should keep the good hygiene habit during your wearing of the contact lenses.
  • hand_in_glove_


    Ok, I can see from your description that your contact lenses might not be suitable with your eyes. Because we have been using them for a few years and I could not have such experience. My advice for you is to make sure the type of contact lenses is ok with you and get a pair of good quality. Try to consult a optical professional and wear less of those lenses.
  • Rebecca


    Firstly, you should check out whether the size of the contact lenses is fitted. Secondly, you need to make sure that you have wear it properly. if these does not work, please go to your doctor's.
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