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How to soothe eye irritation?

I got eye irritation since yesterday. I don't know what caused my eye irritation. Can you tell me how to soothe eye irritation? Thank you in advance!
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  • Isabel


    I think many factors will trigger eye irritation, so you'd better figure out what caused your eye irritation first. Rub your eyes with dirty hand may cause an eye infection. It will lead to eye irritation. Spend too much time in front of the computer screen will cause eye irritation too. But no matter what caused it, you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs and cover your closed eyes with some ice. This will help a little, then go to see a doctor if it persists.
  • Bob Witek


    Don't worry! Many irritations will come and go on its own. Sometimes wind can cause eye irritations. We can't avoid this every time. If you use your eyes too much, you may suffer irritated eyes too. You just need to have a rest, and then the symptom will disappear. Ask someone to check your eyes. If there are some foreign objects in your eyes, they may cause irritations too. You can just move them away. If the smoke or dust causes your eye irritation, you can go away from these places.