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Why do my eyes always feel like they are burning?

I cut the hot pepper for my mother in this noon. Then I washed my hands with soaps immediately. But after I touched my eyes with my clean hands, I fell my eyes are always burning. How to deal with this? Can you help me?
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  • green


    I think you should wash your hands with soaps for at least three times after cutting the hot pepper . The chemical remains are not so easy to get rid of, so every one of us should be careful with that. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to your eyes or drown your eyes into a basin of water. Maybe they can help to wash out the chemical remains in your eyes.
  • Jason warren


    I suggest you to wash your hands again with soaps and then wet a piece of clean towel. Then wring the towel until it doesn't drop water. You can use the towel to wipe your eyes for several times. If this doesn't help, you can put some ice on your closed eyes. The coolness will make you feel better. And the water will take away the remained hot pepper.

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