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Does cold water get rid of red eyes?

I got red eyes and feel burning, my roommate said that apply cold water on eyes can help me. I tried, I feel better when i apply cold water. However, my eyes feel burning again when i get out of cold water. So, i wonder if cold water really help red and burning eyes? Or what can help me?
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  • James


    Dear friend, cold water can help with your burning eyes. But it can only last for few minutes. If you want to ask for long term treatment, you must know what caused your burning eyes and then apply the appropriate medicines. I suggest you to see an eye doctor, because I doubt that whether your burning eyes are caused by an infection or pink eyes.
  • Jack percy


    I think you may get an infection. Though cold water can contract the vessels which are covered in the inner part of our eyes, it cannot solve the problems. We must have a thorough eye examination before using any medicines. I think your ophthalmologist will recommend medications after they know the underlying causes. Often treatments such as antibiotic eye drops or ointment, artificial tears, saline rinses or antihistamines can help with your symptoms.