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Why do my eyes get itchy when i'm tired?

My eyes feel itchy every time when i feel tired. Why? Can tired cause itchy eyes?
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  • Sapna


    Well, in my opinion, it is possible to have itchy eyes when you are tired. Generally speaking, when you feel tired, there will have some eye strain. And that can just weaken your eyes, leading to some eye problems. For example, it will lead to dry eyes, itchy eyes. So for your situation, you need to have some rest. And also, just have some cool cucumber on your eyes, and that will relieve your itchy eyes.
  • Denise


    I must seriously tell you that it is so easy to get eye itchy because of tiredness. The reasons are not far to seek. Firstly, when you stare at something or read something for a long time, pain may occur gradually. Then you start to feel uncomfortable in your eyes. Secondly, the nerves that govern your movements, especially eye movements need to take a good rest. Just like human beings who constantly use brains or work all the time are easily to be fatigue. Then it is time to rest. When nerves are tired, they will "strike", that is, you may see something unclear and you cannot receive the signal of images. Thirdly, you should think over if you have any basic eye problems. Red eyes, pink eyes and glaucoma are possible to cause eye to be itchy. In addition, black eyes are most commonly factors to get eye itchy. All in all, itchy eyes have no unstable causes. You'd better visit an oculist to determine your root reasons for them.
  • Erin rupert


    Yes, it is true that dry eyes can casue itchy eyes. Because actually you can get some tiny scratches or irritations during the day and when you rest at night, and your eyes need to replenish their moisture and make themselves feel better. So if you are tired, your eyes will not get sufficient fluids so as a result your eyes are not rested and replenished well, so you will get itchy eyes.

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