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When can you wear contacts after double eyelid surgery ?

I am going to have a double eyelid surgery next month, and how long can I wear my contacts after that surgery? I need help, please!!!
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  • Gillian


    Usually, your doctor will tell me when you can wear contacts after the surgery. As far as I know, People can wear contact lenses after the first 2 weeks of the surgery. But for some people with more extensive lower lid procedures such as cheek lift, they need take at least three weeks even more time before wearing contact lenses. So, you'd better consult your eye doctor when you take the double eyelid surgery.
  • Kaylee tuener


    Of course you can' t. Actually, you will have a lot of things to pay attention to after your double eyelid surgery. First of all, you should rest as much as you can because your eyes really need a good relaxation. You know, after such kind of surgery, your eyelids will get swollen soon, so you need to give your eyelids a cold compress before you sleep every day. It is good for relieving your inflammation and preventing the infection. Don' t try to use your eyes to work, it will even be too difficult for you to open eyes wide. I have a friend who had this surgery before, and it almost took her two months to recover. Anyway, you should not wear contacts after that surgery at least for one month.