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Can liver problems cause eye floaters ?

Does liver problems really cause eye floaters? If so, is there any way to cure it?
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  • Sara


    Yes, it may occur, but you can reduce the likelihood of make changes in your daily life. Eye Floaters appear various little sizes and shapes in your vision, which result from eye infections or eye inflammations, etc. Although it can not be cured, it only involves in certain types of light. As a result, you have to learn to live with eye floaters and ignore them. As we all know, as the main cleanser and filter of our bloodstream, once the liver is out of condition, the toxic substances will certainly accumulate in our bloodstream. Further, our eyes are so delicate that they may the first one to suffer. Well, raw vegetables and raw vegetable juices are great for your liver health, so is the green tea. Developing healthy living habits is absolutely important.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    No, there is no proof that liver problems can cause eye floaters directly. Eye floaters is caused by the the imperfection of the vitreous humor which is normally transparent. Deposits appear in the vitreous humor over time and result in eye floaters. How to cure eye floaters? Surgery can help. It cuts some of your viterous humor. The other one is laser vitreolysis which cuts and vaporizes the collagen strands of floaters.
  • Juan


    Well, yes, in my opinion, liver problems can lead to eye floaters. Maybe you have heard that red eyes are a symptom of a liver problem which is known as cirrhosis. But on the other hand, you should know that liver problems can also lead to some other eye problems. For example, it may lead to eye floaters. And eye floaters may be harmless. But it can be a sign of eye problem too. By the way, puffy eyes can be possible too. And when eye floaters in your eyes occur, in my opinion, you can eat as many water and vitamin rich vegetables as possible. Also, trying some ways to make your eyes have enough breath, and it can be effective. Of course, try to cure the liver problems, and that is the most important factor.

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