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Alexandria taylor


When can i wear makeup after prk surgery?

I just took a prk surgery about a week ago. Can i wear eye makeup right now? Or it is bad to my eyes?
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    No, you can't. It is bad for your eyes now, because your eyes are still vulnerable and easy to be infected for the moment. You can't wear eye makeup until at least one month later when your eyes recover well. Here are some tips for you after prk surgery: 1. Don't use your eyes too much in the first week. 2.Don't swim in two weeks. 3.Don't rub your eye in the first week. 4. Wear a pair of polarized sunglasses when you go out 5.Don't wear any makeup on your eyes in a month.


    The doctor may tell you that you can go back to work several days later after PRK surgery, but it doesn't mean that your eyes completely heal. It needs three to six months for eyes to completely recover. And you can wear eye makeup after several months later when your doctor tells you it's OK to wear makeup.


    Well, in my opinion, you'd better wear makeup in the three weeks after the eye surgery. As we know that makeup is made from various chemical materials. And if you wear them now, it will just hurt your eyes, for your eyes are very sensitive and fragile. So just give up it, and wait for several weeks. In some cases, it may lead to eye infection too. Anyway, just be careful about it. Also, for your situation, you should not take exercise, especially heavy exercises. Of course, having a good rest is essential. By the way, just be careful when you have face wash and shower, avoiding water getting into eyes.