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Paige williams


Is thyroid eye disease permanent ?

I feel so bad to suffer thyroid eye disease. What shall i do? Can it be cured ? Or thyroid eye disease is permanent ?
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  • cauliflowerbat


    Well, generally speaking, thyroid eye diseases cannot be permanent, so you should not worry about it. Generally thyroid eye diseases can be very annoying, and also sometimes, dangerous too. According to some experts, thyroid disease is a thyroid hormone deficiency disease, which can cause an infiltration of complex sugar molecules in your face, which leads to swelling and discoloration in your face and around your eyes. Besides, it can cause dark circles and swelling eyes under your eyes. For your situation, you can eat more fruits and vegetables and it can be effective. And if you still feel not so well, just go and see the eye doctor.
  • chriso1984


    Thyroid eyes can be cured with different treatments according to how serious they are. However, if they are left untreated, permanent vision damage can be done by this disease. In early stage, you may be prescribed ocular lubricant, also called artificial tears. As the disease deteriorates, immunosuppressants are used to compress abnormal antibodies. As situation progresses, you can only turn to surgery in the end to avoid permanent vision damage or to make your bulging eyes look normal.
  • warren


    I am sorry to hear that. Drug rituximab seems the most commonly medicine the scientists have ever found. And they are doing a lot of research trying to find a medicine to sooth the effects of the disease. More details in the enclosed link. Besides, thyroid eye disease is usually associated with orbitopathy, and Grave's orbitopathy. One classical symptom is a bulging eyes of more of your cornea exposure to air. There is no doubt that you will suffer an appearance of protruding eyes, or even eye excessive dryness and eye pain. Now, the first thing you need to do is to keep your eyes moist by lubricating your eyes with artificial tears and eye drops to relieve the eye dryness. Well, Your doctor will prescribe some medicines. And take care of your eyes by keeping it lubricated before the disease can be cured thoroughly.

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