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Do I need computer glasses if I have progressive glasses for working on the computer or reading?

Do I need both kind of glasses for reading and computer work? How are these lenses different and why? Should I spend the money for both kinds of lenses? Are computer glasses good for reading and for computer use? Thx
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  • 04/14/2012

    If your progressive glasses have the multi-focal for reading and computer distance ,you don't need separate computer glasses .Many people ask why they need specific glasses for computer work. Well, to answer that, we have to get into the differences between computer glasses and ordinary reading glasses. See, the regular glasses you wear don’t really provide the accurate vision correction for the distances typical in computer work. In order to see clearly, many resort to the methods of leaning toward the screen or looking down through the bottom part of their lenses. Such mis-position in working usually lead to eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred visions. With computer glasses, because the powers are particularly adjusted for the computer vision distances, there is no need to adjust the sitting position in order to see.
  • Erin


    As we know, progressive glasses are made of progressive lenses that can help people to see far, middle area and near place. So, technically, Wearing progressive glasses can help you see computer glasses clear. However, since progressive glasses have many focus on the lenses, you can only see clear to the computer screen through the middle part of progressive lenses. So, it is not a comfortable to see computer. So, If you often spend a long time in front of computer, you'd better buy a pair of special computer glasses for a comfortable vision.
  • Tatiana


    Computer glasses are different from reading glasses. The people who have presbyopia may need a pair of reading glasses. Computer glasses are designed to help reduce CVS symptoms such as dry eyes, red eyes, and eye fatigue bought by computer using. Computer glasses can help correct vision problems too. But they are providing with clear vision at a fixed distance usually it is the distance between our eyes and the computer screen. I don't know whether you can buy a pair of progressive glasses for working on the computer or reading or not. So you'd better consult your optometrist first. Good luck!
  • covenmasters


    I won't suggest you to buy a pair of progressive glasses. I suggest you to have your eyesight checked by an optometrist first. Then the optometrist may recommend a pair of appropriate glasses according to your prescription. But you can buy a pair of progressive glasses if you like. I just heard that some people will suffer from headaches when it is the first time they begin use a pair of progressive glasses.
  • Hunter rose


    I think you may need to buy two pairs of glasses. computer glasses are only good for computer using. A pair of reading glasses can help provide with clear vision when you are reading a book or magazine. I have bought two pairs of glasses from Firmoo. They are quite good. I think the most satisfying thing is that they are cheaper than the glasses sold by other online optical stores. You can have a look first. Hope this helped!