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Do you need an eye exam before buying computer glasses?

Here are some questions I want to know about computer glasses: 1) Do you have to go in for an eye exam? 2) How much do they go for? 3) If you dont wear glasses can they still help you?
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  • 04/12/2012

    As the matter of fact, computer glasses allow the wearer to easily focus on the distance of the computer screen. Regular reading glasses are only for near vision. Bifocals prescribed for those over age 40 with presbyopia correct only near and far. So computer glasses is specially made for a moderate distance . you prescription is need for them to calculate what strength you need for computer glasses . so you may need an eye exam . the price of computer glasses vary a lot , you can get them less than $50 .
  • Sean


    If you need prescription computer glasses, it is important for you to take an eye exam in order to get your accurate prescription at the first place. As for the prices of computer glasses, it depends on the places where you buy computer glasses. Speaking of which, you may search the Internet for there are many computer glasses you can find. At present, more and more people prefer online glasses for eyeglasses in online stores cost less money and are also in good quality. If you want to buy computer glasses online, there are some good places you can go, like,, Especially coastal and firmoo, I've got free eyeglasses from them. If you are new to them, you can have a try for they offer free eyewear to new customers. I spend lots of time working with computer. If you do like me, computer glasses are needed for they can protect your eyes. If you do have CVS, that is Computer Vision Syndrome, wearing computer glasses is a good way to alleviate CVS.
  • Byron Liu


    I want to ask a question. Regarding buying Computer Glasses on Firmoo, does the computer glasses include anti-glare with them if I don't add anything other customization since that's what computer glasses do. I'm -4 but the customer support told me to put the prescription at -3.5 since I'm only using it for the computer.
  • elpropio


    If you have some vision problems, you'd better have an eye exam first. Then you can take your prescription to an optician shop to order a pair of computer glasses. The price may vary from place to place. Usually they will cost about $200.
  • edward


    What do you mean by don't wear glasses? You have perfect vision? Mmm... You can also buy a pair of computer glasses though you have perfect vision.
  • Tyler


    If you have perfect vision, then you don't need to have an eye exam. You can tell an optician that you want to buy a pair of computer glasses then he or she may make a pair computer glasses for you. My computer glasses cost me $98. I bought them from an online optical store. The glasses sold online are much cheaper than the same glasses sold in any optical shops. You can have a look first. Hope this helped!
  • electriikheartx


    Computer glasses can help block computer reflections and filter glare. They can help protect our eyes. I don't have perfect vision. So I need to have an eye exam first. As to you, I suggest you to consult an optician first. Good luck!