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Can two blue eyed parents make a brown eyed baby?

I and my husband both have blue eyes. Is it possible for us to have a brown eyed baby?
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  • epyon_rebirth


    It is not possible for you to get the brown eyed baby since you and your husband both have the blue eyes. The color of eyes is hereditary which will follow the genes in the body. The baby you have will have the brown eyes too. There is no doubt because of the genetic endowment.
  • Michelle


    Alright, it seems that you are quite concerned about the color of your baby's eyes. So, as far as I know, the color of the parents' eye do not have direct impact on the child because sometimes there would be a generation gap, therefore, it is possible that you will have a brown eyed baby. However, the likelihood for blue eyed baby is much higher. Hope you find this useful.
  • easilyfixed


    In principle, brown gene of eyes is dominant gene while the blue gene is recessive, so it is not possible for you to have a brown eyed baby according to what you have described. But there is no denying that some families with blue eyes indeed give birth to babies with brown eyes in spite of the small probability.