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Can boric acid be used as an eyewash?

Is it Ok to use boric acid to wash my eyes as eyewash do? Why or why not?
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  • Susan


    Definitely yes, it could work as eyewash. Boric acid is a white powder that is easy dissolved in water. Because of boric acid’s antiseptic and cleansing nature, it is often used as eyewash. It is well-known as a treatment for fungal and bacterial eye problems. It also can be used as a rinse to rid the eye of foreign objects. Boric acid has way longer history than saline solution about works as eyewash, and it is a mainstay in the home. To make boric acid eye wash, use pharmaceutical grade boric acid powder based on different degree of eye infections.


    Boric acid, usually in a shape of white powder crystal or three oblique surface of scaly luster crystal, has oiliness feel. It can be soluble in alcohol, glycerin, ethers and essential oil. When it is in water, it shows the weak acid character. However, you should not use the boric acid to wash your eyes although it has almost no stimulating irritates. It will leave the sediments on the eyeballs which will be bad for your eyes if you don't wash it clearly. And the character of absorption is bad. You should better use the eye drops with some limited functions which will make your eyes feel better and comfortable.
  • Zoe


    Well, as a matter of fact, boric acid is not to be used without proper guidance from the doctor. You need to understand that boric acid is primarily used to tackle blepharitis problems, not daily problems, such as an eye strain or something. If you insist on doing this, you may suffer more problems; therefore, you need to get some alternatives that are used to wash your eyes.