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Does hermes make sunglasses?

Do you know the famous brand Hermes? Do they provide sunglasses? Where i can get it?
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  • Mark


    As you can see, Hermes is one of the most luxurious and expensive fashion products in the world, and it has got a nice reputation for its outstanding design and quality, however, they can make you bleed. As a matter of fact, they now produce sunglasses of various types. You can easily find them at some high class optical stores and shopping malls. Or you might as well have a look at some e-commerce websites such as Alibaba and Ebay.
  • california_lovv


    The famous brand hermes create a lot of bags which are so popular in the market. However, they even sell the sunglasses. You could go to its real stores to buy one. Or you could go to the online stores to have a look, like visionwork or amazon. In additon, they also make umbrellas, furniture, lifelines, condom holders, luxury bags and pretty much everything else.
  • Luis lewis


    Hermes is a well-known luxury brand all over the world. It started in 1837 in France. The oringinal founder is Thierry Hermes. Now thiis brand has a history of over 170 years. Generally there three big production scopes of Hermes, Hermes Sellier, La Montre Hermes and Hermes Parfum, including 17 different production lines. Accessaries is one of these lines. SoI am not sure that if they provide sunglasses or not, because I didn't find any Hermes sunglasses so far. However you could still check the Hermes website: You can find Hermes production in their franchised store, which scattered all over the world.