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Kelly eddy


How to protect your eyes from dust?

Do you have any good idea to protect eyes from dust? Can sunglasses protect my eyes well in such environment?
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  • crystalise34


    It seems that you want to protect your eyes because such sand or dust always upset you, and it is true that sand and dust will make your eyes very uncomfortable and lead to watery eyes if not treated carefully. And if you attempt to rub your eyes, infections are possible. So, sunglasses are useful in protecting your eyes from harmful lights, but they do not prevent sand or dust. You could get lots of protecting glasses from Walmart or some other online shops, they do provide such glasses for you.
  • Jade


    In order to protect your eyes from dust, you could wear the protected goggles with no prescription. The sunglasses could also protect your eyes from the dust which could at the same time protect your eyes from the uv rays in the strong sun lights. You could just choose the pair of glasses to wear to prevent from the dust.