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Rick Johnson


What does a blind person's eyes look like?

I just wondering the look of a blind person's eyes? Are most of them looks horrible?
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  • Riley eddy


    OK, it seems that you are curious of the truth. So, let me tell you something about it. Actually, there is a guy working in the dining hall of my university and one of her eye is blind. So, when I looked into her eyes, I see something pale, like green and yellow color, that makes me sick you know, no offense. Anyway, we must take good care of our eyes to avoid that from happening.
  • Jordyn adams


    The eyes of a blind person may look similar as those of normal people with normal eyes. They just could not see things. However people getting blind by the accident may have the scars on the eyes or the damages on the eyes which may make them look horrible. People should protect the eyes carefully which are the important parts for the whole body.

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