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How to tell if your glasses are the right prescription?

Can you tell me how can tell if glasses are the right prescription lenses that fit my eyes? I have two pair of eyeglasses, one pair made of -3.0 lenses and the other made of -3.5. I can get clear vision from both of them. Why? How can i tell which one is the right prescription to my eyes?
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  • Gabriel peters


    I can see that you are quite worried about getting the wrong ones, so it is not very difficult for you to figure it out. Generally speaking, with a pair of wrong lenses, you are gonna get dizzy and quite uncomfortable and might even want to throw up sometimes, but with a pair of right lenses, everything is ok with you and your world just becomes more vivid you know? If you really want to be assured, you could go directly to an eyewear store for some help.
  • Ariana


    Since two of them are suitable for you, your prescription may be between -3.0 lenses and -3.5 lenses. However I suggest you to wear the -3.0 lenses ones because it will be suitable for you to see things clearly. In order to get the right prescription, you should check whether you have the blurry vision. If you have, the prescription may be low. If you find the eyes to be swelling painful, the prescription may be high. You should just base on these two conditions to choose which one is the right prescription. There is another way for you to choose the suitable one. You could go to the eyeglasses to have the eye exam to find the exact prescription of your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Taking an eye exam is the best way to know your glasses prescritpion. Besides, if wearing eyeglasses with wrong prescription, you may got headache, blurry vision, eye pain or even dizzy etc. So, if you have such feeling when you wear your eyeglasses, they must be made with wrong prescription. You shall consult your optican and ask him to adjust your eyeglasses according to your prescription. Hope this can help you.
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