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Luke oliver


How to know if your glasses fit right?

Is there anyone who have experience of buying glasses online. Can you give me some suggestion? I plan to buy a pair of glasses online. but there is a problem. How can i tell if the eyeglasses is suitable for me?
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  • Arianna walker


    Eyeglasses fit incorrectly is uncomfortable and can do harm to your eyes, thus it's important to know about how to tell if your eyeglasses fit correctly. First of all, before you buy them, you'd better have the eye exam to see the eye prescription of yours. And after you buy a pair of glasses accordiny to your prescription online, you can have a try. If the prescription is higher, you will have the headache. If the prescription is lower, you will see things in blurry and can't see clearly. Only the right glasses can have no strange feeling and make you feel comfortable. I am sincerely hope you can get the right one that you are looking for online.
  • Erin


    If you want to get suitable eyeglasses, you shall make good preparation before you order it online. the first thing your frame sizes. You must know what frame sized eyeglasses frame you need. To know your frame size, you can look at your old eyeglasses. Usually, most of eyeglasses frames will label their frame size on the inside of the temple. You can have a look. Besides, you shall get an eye exam to know your prescription including sph, PD etc. As long as you order eyeglasses online according to thoses imformation, you can get a pair of suitable eyeglasses. Good luck.
  • lampo


    Here I would like to remind you that you should carefully check the product description before click the final button. There would be an option that decide which is suitable for you, so you must know what is suitable for you ok? And if you have any problems, just contact their hotline for help. If possible, just visit a glasses store and know your prescription data.
  • easilymused


    Before you buy the eyeglasses online, I suggest you to go to have the eye exams to get the exact size of your eyes which will be convenient for you to buy the eyeglasses. You should know the size of your nose, the distance between your two eyes and size of your pupil. Then you should know which color or style is your perfect one. Thus you could choose the one you may be satisfied with.